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Thoughts on Suffering

  • Some people suffer so God can show His love to many. These individuals may have done nothing to deserve their suffering. Are there more inspiring things than individuals who overcome great adversity to achieve an amazing feat? Are there more touching experiences than friends embracing and sharing tears with a dear friend who is suffering? Do not "miracles", whatever they may be, occur exclusively in a season of adversity? Hundreds of people may be touched by the love poured out to a particular person experiencing adversity. It may be a way God can show His love to a large audience.
  • Some people suffer because they put others first. These individuals may have done nothing to deserve their suffering. The mother who gives her kidney to her daughter may suffer in great physical pain from complications from her gift of love. The doctor who could make millions in the US chooses to practice her medicine in a remote area of Africa, making barely enough money to survive. The fire fighter who must now endure years of excruciating pain and skin grafts after saving the young child from the burning car. Some people suffer because they love people more than their own desire for personal comfort and pleasure in life.
  • Some people are victims of others and of life. These individuals may have done nothing to deserve their suffering. They may be victims of the cruelty or carelessness of others. They may be the victims of genetics and they end up with a disabling disease from birth. They may be exposed to a chemical and end up with cancer. They may be born into a family where the parents are addicted to drugs and alcohol. They may be born into poverty. They may be the oldest child when they become orphaned, just before they were going to go to college, and they must now raise their younger siblings instead of getting a college degree.
  • Some people suffer because they will become a spokesperson for others. These individuals may have done nothing to deserve their suffering. However, they may be people who have influence in society and the communication skills to speak for other sufferers. They suffer so that they may speak on behalf of those who do not have a voice for the adversity they experience.
  • Some people make a life-altering mistake because they are human. One hour of passion and the young girl becomes a teenage mother. One hour of drinking and a young man kills his friends in a car accident. Who of us is not capable of making a bad decision in the heat of passion? Who of us is not capable of being exhausted and falling asleep at the wheel and striking a young child on a bike? Who of us has not succumbed to temptation? It has been said, let the person who has not messed up themselves throw the first stone.
  • Some people suffering today will be thriving tomorrow. Some people thriving today will be suffering tomorrow. Many great men and women in our society once suffered with great adversity. They grew in strength and character as a result of the adversity and then applied themselves to amazing initiatives. Many other men and women fell from great heights after a life of wealth, pleasure, and influence. People today who are living a life free of suffering may one day switch roles with people who currently are experiencing adversity.
  • Some people who suffer really want to change. However, they need help. They are in a hole they cannot get out of. Their situation is beyond their ability to overcome, no matter how much they strive to make their lives better. We believe there is a very simple formula for life – those who are free of adversity are compassionate and generous to those who are suffering adversity, to help them get back on their feet and those suffering adversity do their part to make the help they receive effective, becoming inspirational stories to give hope to everyone in society. With the twists and turns of life, the roles will most likely one day be reversed – today's sufferers are tomorrow's comforters and today's comforters are the people suffering tomorrow.
  • Some people suffer for reasons you will never understand. There may be millions of facts that make up the total description of a human being. How many do you really know? A hundred? A thousand? Do you really have complete knowledge to be able to accurately assess why an individual is suffering? Even if you knew all one million things that make up a person's life, are you confident your ability to analyze and interpret those facts is flawless? Is it possible you could know everything about someone and yet come to the wrong analysis of why that individual is suffering?
  • Some people are just blind and indifferent to suffering . Their lives are centered on their own comfort, cravings, desires, pleasure, fame, and fortune. We don't judge them – we feel sorry for them. They are deep down very insecure people who need to make an impression on the world around them, hoping what they accomplish and what they possess will bring them the love they crave. There are many influential and wealthy people who enjoy comfort and pleasure but who also care for the needy and the suffering. We write only of those who do not, those who turn their face and walk away from others who are in great need. We wish they didn't hurt so much inside that you are not able to enjoy the great feeling it is to know you've touched a life in a wonderful and meaningful way.
  • Some people need a different kind of prayer in their suffering. We believe adversity has the potential to do much good in people's lives….if they are willing to let it do so. When we hear of an individual suffering with a great adversity, it is the normal first response to pray to God for that adversity to be immediately removed. We hear of a dear friend who is diagnosed with cancer and our prayers is that the cancer is instantly healed. However, we believe God allows adversity to come into our lives for reasons that make us better people. The adversity needs to run its course, completing the character transformation it was intended to achieve. Once the lessons are learned and the transformation has been achieved, the need for the adversity is gone and it is at that time God may very well bring the person the healing and freedom from suffering they want so much. With this in mind, we believe it appropriate to pray first that the individual who is suffering learns the lessons they are to learn quickly so that they then can be healed. As we wrote above, "learning a lesson" does not necessarily mean the person is being disciplined for bad attitudes. The lesson may be akin to a required course in the school of life, preparing the person with skills and knowledge they need to have in order to impact this world, much in the same way a doctor goes to medical school.

Compassion. People who are suffering need understanding.

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