Monthly Archives: June 2014

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An Emerging Case Study

Can a father and son accomplish their objective?  Using social media? Blogging? Networking? Videos? Seminars? Volunteering?  The odds are against them.  But they have faith.  Follow their weekly progress.

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Is volunteering scary?

Charles and Chad are volunteering at charities around the US.  They have served in prison and homeless shelters, and visited less-than-safe neighborhoods. Read about their adventure and get excited about volunteering!

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Hope for the Hurting

In the summer of 2014, we will begin to publish posts on our Dear God, Hope Reflections, Cities and Stories Radio, and Our Beautiful Tragedies blogs to encourage the hurting.

Archived Website

This is an archived website. Visit for our newest website. We maintain this older website because we believe content on here is still relevant to people in crisis.