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Grandparents Raising Children

Dear Father,

We understand that the family was designed by You to give children a moral and ethical foundation, emotional stability and security, and a setting to learn how to relate with others.

However, our society has turned from your ways.  There are millions of children growing up in broken or dysfunctional homes.  Many of these children enter their adult life lacking moral guides, insecure, emotionally unstable, and unable to relate with others.  I know – my children had to navigate their teen years dealing with the divorce of their parents, a fact that still breaks my heart.

In many of these broken homes, both of the birth parents are not around.  They may be incarcerated, institutionalized, deceased, or they may simply have abandoned their children.  Grandparents have been asked to raise their grandchildren, becoming parents once more.  When they expected to be enjoying their retirement years or when their vigor and health are diminishing, they are now asked to parent children through elementary school, middle school, and high school all over again.

There are no doubt many grandparents who have embraced their calling with joy and pleasure.  However, there are probably many other grandparents who resent this responsibility and are impatient or bitter with their grandchildren.  There may be estrangement with their own child who they consider forced upon them this difficult season of their life.

Once more, pastors around the US are asked to step in and make a difference.  They are expected to address and resolve the heartaches and spiritual issues of these grandparents.  They are expected to have answers for out-of-control grandchildren.  They are expected to have amazing skills to restore estranged relationships.

What a huge task!  Is it any wonder that pastors, mortal men and women that they are, can be overwhelmed and feel ill-equipped for the job?

We ask tonight that you give pastors across America special blessings tonight.  Empower them.  Give them insight and understanding.  Create for them divine appointments.  Orchestrate interventions and opportunities.  We ask that there is one set of grandparents, raising their grandchildren, who this very day will be transformed thanks to the compassion and wisdom of a pastor.


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Members with Childhood Diseases

Dear Father,

There are parents this evening throughout the US whose children are suffering with childhood diseases.  Their precious children may be bedridden in their home.  The children may require medical equipment to get through their day or to move from one place to another.  The children may be hospitalized, perhaps some even in intensive care.

Their parents are devastated!

This wasn’t supposed to happen!  It isn’t fair!  Childhood is supposed to be about play time, happiness, safety, security, stability, health, and innocence.  Why is our child asked to suffer with so much pain? Is she going to die?  Will she ever get better?  Will she ever live a normal life?”

Lord, the parents may be asking themselves other heart-wrenching questions as well.

“What did we do wrong as parents to have our child suffer like this?  Why are other children we know free of disease?  Am I being punished?  Will we have to cope with this for the rest of our lives?  How can we afford her medical bills?  Should we try risky treatments?”

These parents wish they could take the child’s sickness upon themselves and give the child their own health.

“Why couldn’t it have been me?  I would have gladly taken the disease upon myself if I knew my child wouldn’t have to deal with it!”

Lord, these parents walk into the pastor’s study and sob.  They are looking for comfort, for understanding, for hope, and for help.  They are dealing with all kinds of emotions such as guilt, envy, anger, and despair.  The pastor has the power, with his or her words, to bring great healing or to usher in even greater pain.

We ask your blessing upon every pastor who has a member who has a child with a medical crisis.  Lord, please show that pastor how to love the parents and how to love the sick child in a manner that shows the full measure of Your love.  Lord, we ask that the burdens be lifted from the shoulders of the parents by pastors who know how to rally a community within the church to support the family in crisis.  May the parents see the true character of Christ by the manner in which the pastors minister to them in such a difficult season of their lives.



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Wisdom for Pastors

Dear Father,

Oh, Lord, your pastors need wisdom!  Each and every day. Wisdom from the very mind of God. They need wisdom for decisions. They need wisdom for fostering the vision of the church, the administration of the church, and words of exhortation and encouragement to the individual lives you have entrusted to their counsel.

  • They need wisdom to resolve factional disputes and conflicts in the church.
  • They need wisdom to effectively guide people to the truths of scripture and to an ever-growing personal relationship with Christ.
  • They need wisdom for the right words to say to the public that gives honor to You.
  • They need wisdom to motivate people in the church to give back to The Lord.

Lord, please bestow upon pastors a fountain of wisdom that is never shut off.


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