Alexandra Coulter, West Chester PA

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Alexandra Coulter, West Chester PA

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In the early 90′s my husband was doing very well as the CFO of an up-and-coming record label.  His income kept growing, so we bought a lovely home and moved out of our city row home.

Life was good!  Several years later, we were planning an addition to our house and a family. Unexpectedly, my husband lost his job. True, he had grown weary of the uncreative chores of a CFO, but the money was too good to turn down. God, in His wisdom, stepped in to say, if it doesn’t make your heart sing, it’s not worth it.

We regrouped.  I gave up my happy housewife lifestyle and we both got jobs.  The jobs were not up to the overhead we had created when times were good.  We struggled along, paying our bills, but never getting any further, not having a lot of fun.

When layoffs left us both unemployed, and the bottom dropped out of the music business, my husband was left with no where to go.  I got lucky (through some good prayers) and landed a job as a technical writer.

But by the end of 2007, the financial company I worked for saw the impending financial collapse and got rid of its trained, highly-paid staff.  Instead, they allowed staff, already overworked, to fill in to do jobs they were not qualified to do.  After all, they figured, everyone can write.

On the back side of 40 and well-paying jobs a fading memory, we found ourselves, like so many others, with little hope for a job.  Unemployment kept us going through the worst of the economic crisis.

When we got behind on our high taxes and the mortgage company nearly doubled our mortgage payment, we went into foreclosure.

We applied for a Making Home Affordable Loan Modification and set about finding a job, any job.  Even if the job would never cover our overhead.  The new mortgage would be modified to fit our income.

It took the mortgage company nearly 2 years to process our application, giving us time to get back on our feet.  We also made some much-needed repairs to our house.

Our mortgage has finally been modified to a point we can afford, we have decent jobs,  our taxes are up to date and we will soon be out of foreclosure.

Where do we go from here?  God Only Knows.

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