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Lt Colonel Jack Bisping, Lexington KY

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It was 1965. I was flying due West over the jungles of Llanos of Colombia, SA for the Geodetic Survey at 3,000 feet of altitude in air mass weather that had suddenly without warning turned completely bad. It was a complete downpour of rain for 100's of square miles. We were in a single engine Army L-19. Not a very good instrument equipped aircraft for that kind of weather. Actually there was no need for better navigation equipment because at that time there were no aviation navigation facilities to guide us over the jungle anyway. 25 miles ahead lay the mighty Andes mountains that go up to 19,000+ feet high in just 15 miles. We are about 20 minutes from splattering ourselves all over the mountains. I could not see anything but rain up, down or side ways, like flying a submarine. My only passenger was a Colombian Army officer asleep in the back seat.

I needed some divine help here. So I told God if he could get us out of this mess, I was His forever. For no rational reason, a small hole in the clouds opened up under us and I saw a mud road going up a hill. That was all I needed. I dove through the hole. Literally stuck the airplane on that road and slid to the top of the hill. At least a dozen Americans came running out of the jungle all around us. Two of them got on each wing strut and started pushing us on to a side road, while the others were pointing for us to go down that side road. The road led a short distance to a hangar that had another airplane in it. Unknowingly, we had landed at Wycliff Bible Translator's base camp, Lomo Linda. They put us up for the night, fed us and we left the next morning when the weather cleared.

Now, I ask you, wouldn't that convert anyone to God? I was in and still am.

God bless you all and God bless America
Jack F. Bisping
LT. Colonel, US Army (ret)
Airborne, Ranger, Senior Aviator

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