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West Chester School District

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Dear Father,

Students from broken homes and dysfunctional families are attending schools all over the US.  Many of these students are on a path towards self-destruction or hurting others.  Many students are contemplating suicide.

We ask that you bless the teachers of the West Chester Area School District in Chester County Pennsylvania with opportunities to intervene and save children from ending or ruining their lives.  Lord, we ask that the teachers will have insight and awareness of children in crisis, that they will have compassion, and that they will have the skill and determination to see those children land in a place of safety.  We ask that, thanks to the work of teachers in this school district, children on the path towards addiction, crime, or life dysfunction will turn into students with a passion to do good in their careers and help others in need.

We pray for your blessings on the children in need in this school district.

In Your Name,


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