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Conchetta, Denver, CO

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It was very humbling to walk through that door, and I thought, ‘I don’t know if I can do this,’” Conchetta, a recent graduate of the STAR Transitional Program recalls. Accustomed to living comfortably with five-year-old daughter Aubrey, a bewildered Conchetta entered the Mission program early last year after suffering an unexpected job loss.

Though it was difficult to adjust to the program’s many regulations, the single mother began to see her plight as an opportunity to begin life anew. “I started to see the blessings in everything, and being here gave me an incredible opportunity to improve in areas like controlling my spending,” Conchetta reflects.

Since graduating in April, the recently promoted compliance manager is enjoying the stability she can once again provide for her daughter. “When I look at everything I gained in the program, I’m so grateful,” Conchetta says. “I appreciate everything I have so much more.”

“When I graduated from the program, it felt so great because I set my mind to accomplish that and I did it!” Conchetta reflects. “Asking for help was very humbling, but I’ve come out of the program with a sense of freedom and independence.”

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