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Monday June 30 to Saturday July 5, 2014

It is a little after noon on June 30, 2014.

A week ago, on Monday June 23, I decided I needed a new website for Gramazin.  The look needed to be refreshed.  Our model had changed significantly and I needed new sections on the website anyway.  I needed more calls to action and synchronization with landing pages that are linked to contact management systems.  Instead of having several separate websites, it became clear all of my content needed to come in under one umbrella.

The old Gramazin website looked like this:


The old blogs looked like this:


The 2014 Gramazin Marketing Guide looked like this:


Now, I have merged them all in the new website:


Always striving for excellence!

Archived Website

This is an archived website. Visit www.gramazin.com for our newest website. We maintain this older website because we believe content on here is still relevant to people in crisis.