FAQ About Sharing Stories

Thank you so much for your interest in sharing a story on Gramazin!

I’m sure you have many questions.  Chad and I would like to answer the questions we anticipate you will be asking.  If you have a question we haven’t answered, please feel free to call me at 484-433-9073 or send me an email at cwagner@gramazin.com.

  1. I don’t have my story in writing.  I’m also not a good writer.  How can I share my story?  Simply contact us above and we will schedule a time to interview you on the telephone.  We know what questions to ask.  We will take notes while you talk.  When you are done sharing, we will read back to you what you shared with us.  We will then write your story from the information you shared.  We will email you back a draft of your story.  You can email us or call us with changes you want us to make.  We make those changes and publish your story.
  2. Do you want a photo of me?  We will be honest – your photo adds just a little more authenticity to your story.  Makes it all the more real and human.  If you have a photo you can share, we’d really appreciate you emailing it to us and we will upload it with your story.  However, maybe you don’t want to share your photo.  We will use stock images in place of your photo.
  3. I have a story already prepared.  Can I just send it? Absolutely! Send it via email. We will publish it as is.  We will not make any changes to it.
  4. My story is already posted on the Internet.  Can you just copy it from there?  Sure.  However, this gets a little tricky.  Does someone else own the copyright to your story?  Maybe a professional writer was paid to craft your story.  We will be asking the website where your story is posted to republish your story on our website.
  5. The third-party website issue.  The stories of our clients that our business, charity, or faith community has already published on our website were properly vetted by our legal team.  However, our agreement to publish those stories on our site does not give us permission to have those stories published on another website.  How can we publish the stories on your website without creating a lot of red tape for us?  That’s easy!  We will just post a thumbnail of the story on our site and have the link go to the story published on your website.  The story will only be published on one website, the one legally approved.
  6. I have safety and security concerns publishing my story.  What about that?  We can make you anonymous or give you a fictitious identity.  We can use a stock photo.  If you tell us you have that concern, we may recommend you change details in your story, such as the town where you live.  Please be advised that we will tell the public your name is fictitious if we choose to go that route.  We want integrity.
  7. My story is in a video or audio file.  Can you use that?  Absolutely!  We would love stories where people can watch a video or listen to a recording of you.  Just tell us how to get the files and we will publish them.
  8. My story will be assigned to a city page?  What is that about?  What city page will I be assigned to?  Our goal is to have people choose a city and then read stories published from that city.  We will ask you which is the closest metropolitan area to your home.  Your story will be assigned to that city.
  9. My story will be assigned an adversity?  Why?  Let’s say someone has a medical crisis and they live near Miami, FL.  Let’s say you successfully battled cancer and you live in the Miami area.  We would not only assign your story to Miami but we would also assign it to a “health crisis” adversity type.  Therefore, that person searching for a story of hope can select Miami and then select health crisis to find your relevant story.
  10. My story will be assigned to an organization?  Which one?  Why?  We would prefer that each story on Gramazin is recommended by a reputable organization.  It gives our readers more assurance the story is legitimate.  We also want to promote the great work organizations do to help people in need.  Did a small business, nonprofit, or faith community really touch your life and help you recover?  Let us know.  We will assign your story to their organization, giving them free promotion and a link from your story back to their website.  However, in the event you don’t want to link your story to a particular organization, you will be assigned to Gramazin in your city.
  11. What are the legal aspects of sharing my story on Gramazin?  Please understand we cannot take responsibility for any negative repercussions that occur from you having shared your story on Gramazin.  It is cost prohibitive and an administrative nightmare for us to have to review each and every story with you and legal counsel prior to its publication.  Therefore, we must receive and publish your story in faith and trust that you are sharing your story because it is safe for you to do so and that you are taking responsibility for the consequences of sharing your story publicly.  If you have any doubts about the wisdom of sharing your story on Gramazin because of risks that you may incur, we ask you to refrain from sharing your story.  We care about your well-being.
  12. What’s in it for me for sharing my story on Gramazin?  Obviously, you get to feel very good about how you are giving hope to someone else.  You can also feel very good that you have overcome an adversity, demonstrating your good character.  You get to promote a ministry, charity, business, or faith community that helped you.  It is an opportunity for you to say thank you to them.  You can promote your business or organization in your story, provided the story does not take the form of a promotional advertisement.  You can participate in future plans we have in mind, such as the Gramazin Journey. Finally, as a thank you from us, we will give you or someone you care about significant pricing discounts for website and marketing services.
  13. I’ve read many of the stories on Gramazin.  They seem to have a religious tone to them.  I’m not religious.  Do you still want my story?  Absolutely!  We are transparent.  Chad and I are publishing stories because of our faith.  However, we believe God gave each human being the ability to demonstrate amazing character strengths in their battle with adversity, such as perseverance and courage. Those character traits are worth celebrating, even if you don’t consider yourself spiritual or religious.  Share your story with us!  We welcome stories from all walks of life.
  14. What kinds of stories will you not publish?  We will reject stories with offensive language, sexual innuendo, and an otherwise adolescent or juvenile method of communication.  We ask people to exercise wisdom and judgment.  Can a parent feel safe with their children reading the story?  If the answer is yes, your story is probably fine!  We understand there may be adult topics, such as drug addiction, pregnancy, divorce or domestic violence.  However, stories can be written in such a way that communicates the adult struggle but without using offensive wording.  We can help.  We will reject stories that overtly and purposely discriminate against or judge others or their beliefs.  We will reject stories that promote a political agenda or seem simply about selling a product or service.  It’s really quite easy – “I struggled with such and such. My life was very difficult.  Something happened to bring about change.  I took steps to complete the change process.  I’m doing better now.”  If you can say that without the need for vulgarity or attacking other individuals, your story is most likely fine!
  15. I’m not really out of the woods yet. I’m still struggling.  Should I share my story?  Our first answer – yes.  Our second answer – maybe.  If you are really struggling and you are not feeling much hope in your life, it probably isn’t a good time for you to share your story – yet!  However, if you have grown emotionally or spiritually in your suffering, even if it is still happening in your life, your story is probably very relevant. In fact, those who have hope even though they are in the midst of the storm often have more dynamic stories than those who have calm after the storm.
  16. So, why don’t you just have a place for me to login and post my story?  We do.  It’s all tested and functioning.  In fact, we will use it when we publish your story. However, for now, we are going to manage the publishing of your story for you.  If the volume of stories we receive significantly ramps up, we will activate that function.

Why do you put the stories on “city pages”?

City Pages: Albany, Albuquerque, Atlanta, Atlantic City, Baltimore, Billings, Birmingham, Boston, Buffalo, Burlington, Butte, Charlotte, Cheyenne, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbia, Dallas, Denver, Des Moines, Detroit, Eugene, Fargo, Fresno, Hartford, Houston, Indianapolis, Jackson, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Lancaster, Las Vegas, Lexington, Little Rock, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Morgantown, Nashville, New Orleans, New York, Oklahoma City, Omaha, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Portland, Portland, Providence, Raleigh, Rapid City, Reading, Redding, Richmond, San Francisco, Seattle, Sioux Falls, Spokane, Springfield, St. Louis, Tallahassee, Tampa, Vancouver, Washington, Wichita, Wilmington

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