Georgia Vigil, Albuquerque NM

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Georgia Vigil, Albuquerque NM

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Hello my name is Georgia Vigil; I am a 15 year heroin and crack cocaine addict. In 2005 I picked up charges for trafficking cocaine! I was sentenced to a 3 year prison term. While in prison I found the Lord and my life changed completely, good things started to happen to me, I got my self-esteem back , my self respect, and I looked at life in a different way. I got to see my twelve year old daughter for the first time in eleven years. I wanted more out of life than I have ever wanted before. When Leticia came to the prison with a presentation about A Peaceful Habitation I was interested and determined to go. I wanted to further my walk with God while getting the help I needed to stay clean and sober. When I got my acceptance; letter it was one of the happiest days of my life! I got to A.P.H in January 2008. Everyone was so wonderful and giving, I was provided with everything I needed, I learned so much being there. The way I feel about the program now is I regret ever leaving, I have always felt it was a beautiful, peaceful and wonderful place to be. I encourage other women that I talk to, to go there. I give out the address like it’s my own, If I could go back now I would be more than happy to! I miss it a lot. ~ God Bless You All. Georgia

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