God’s refrigerator door

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God’s refrigerator door

It’s precious to you! Adorable!

A white piece of paper with red, green, purple, and brown crayon scribble all over it.

“Honey, what is it?” you ask, actually with no idea of what it is at all.

“A cow? Oh, that’s a beautiful cow. Mommy will put it up on the refrigerator! I love it!”

You decorated your house with great care. The walls are painted with perfect hues and tints. The fabric of the sofa perfectly matches the curtains on the windows. You have expensive art hanging on the walls. You have carefully purchased just the right knick-knacks that create a statement of sophistication and beauty.

However, hanging on your refrigerator is the most priceless work of art in your home. You would gladly give up everything that makes your home a candidate to be featured in Better Homes and Gardens if that was the price to pay to keep the “ugly artwork” hanging by a magnet. The artist was none other than your own flesh and blood, the cutest child in the world – your son or daughter.

Many of us struggle with perfectionism. We believe we have to do and say things just right. We look at others and believe their work is superior to ours. We expect our work wouldn’t be nominated for honorable mention while the other person’s work wins first prize.

We take that same perspective into our relationship with God. Certainly, we reason, God wants ONLY excellence. Anything less He will reject. We believe God’s house is like a museum with artwork from only the best, artists like Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, and Auguste Rodin. We believe He only listens to the music of geniuses, like George Handel, Johann Sebastian Bach, or Ludwig Beethoven. We believe our lives are so messed up that God would put the canvas of our lives in His shed, behind all of His garden tools.

However, that is not who God is. He is the God who delights in His children! With all of our imperfections! With all of our stains! With all of our scribble that fails to paint a beautiful picture. He takes our lives and puts them on His refrigerator. He’s the proud pappa! “That’s my boy! That’s my girl!”

It’s not what we accomplish that God delights in. It’s that we are His children. Period.

As a child trusting in your eternal Father, You want to give Him a picture. You strive to please Him. You want to give Him the gift of a drawing, a drawing that will have many imperfections. He loves it! Because you are you. Just the way you are. Your life doesn’t need big accomplishments to hang your work on God’s refrigerator door. You just need to be His child, an opportunity available to anyone willing to humble themselves before Him.

Take your former life of addiction. Incarceration. Whatever has been your struggle. Try and turn it into something that pleases God and loves others in need. It’s not the results that count. That’s God’s work anyway. What counts to Him is your desire to give Him the precious gift of your attempts to serve and honor Him simply because You love Him.

He will love it!

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