Holly Young, Cincinnati OH

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Holly Young, Cincinnati OH

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My journey to becoming a non-profit leader.

I once was asked by my pastor to give a testimony. He thought of me when he thought of Andrew, one of Jesus’ disciples, I just laughed …thinking I should not even be in the same sentence as a disciple. Then God gently reminded me that He chose flawed and sinful people to be His disciples.

Well….hello? Hah! So Here goes………………….

I remember as a young child not understanding why anyone should be lonely, hungry or poor. Don’t they have friends? A family? Neighbors? A church home? Can’t adults see the needs around us and why aren’t they doing something about it? My heart ached for them and I was confused.

I didn’t understand why people would stop and help animals that were hungry & lost, but not people. And so my journey began…….

Although I was a very, very shy child I realized that I loved people! All people! My heart ached for people who were sad and joyful for people who were happy. God guided me thru the years as I sought out ways to help others. It started with my school mates, and then thru youth group, and with my husband’s father who was such a leader in the community we grew up in. Each Christmas eve his church would serve a special meal for those in poverty…..I loved every minute of it and yet my heart hurt as well. I had prayed over the years for God to give me the courage and the opportunities to help others. What I wanted to do was walk the streets of Cincinnati and meet, talk to, feed, and love on the homeless. My husband asked if I could find a safer way to help people. I prayed some more and helped where ever I could, VBS, homeless shelters, soup kitchens etc. God answered my prayer only after he made me walk a journey, so I would be equipped to take on what He had in store for me. He created New Life Furniture . We serve families and individuals who have overcome homelessness, fled an abusive situation or simply live in extreme poverty with their furniture needs.

When a single mom who has been told she is worthless and has been beaten for years lets me hold her, cry with her, and provide a furnished place for her family. That is priceless!

When a Vietnam veteran who served our country is now sleeping on a bed, when the concrete sidewalk was his bed for 3 years…..That is priceless!

The fact that God can use me, a sinful, ordinary, common human being just like he did Andrew, that is not only priceless, it’s a miracle. That’s the business God is in……Making Miracles thru people like you and me….just by simply loving others.

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