Jason Sperduto, Bucks County PA

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Jason Sperduto, Bucks County PA

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First I give Jesus Christ all the glory and honor for where I am at today in my life. Because my life was a mess. And I could not stop using drugs. I am 33 years old and was raised by my mother and father. My childhood was great growing up. My parents loved my brother and I and are very supportive for us. My parents are hard-working people who now follow the Lord as a result of my mess. It's truly amazing how Lord works. My addiction took me places that I thought I would never go. From robbing and stealing, to the County prison. To the Road to Recovery program (which is a part of CLPRM) are and I believe that Jesus Christ used to County prison to give me a wake-up call because my addiction was so strong that I did not want to stop. It was in the County jail that a representative from CLPRM came to visit me and encouraged me to go into a drug program. You could also say that God saved me from what could've happened on the street, I could've died. As I sat in the Philadelphia County prison was given a choice to go to Teen Challenge, the Christian program for addiction. I got into a close relationship with the Lord there and it was there I learned to ask God for forgiveness of my sins. I have spent the last 14 months. At teen challenge and the Lord has blessed me over and over and he has restored relationships and open many doors for me. I thank God for His grace and mercy and to be able to start a new life. Thank you Jesus!

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