Liz Collins, Bucks County PA

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Liz Collins, Bucks County PA

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Adopted in to a Christian family at 3 months old in 1963, I grew up with the blessing of always “knowing Jesus Christ”.   I don’t have a miraculous testimony of being able to tell people the day I was reborn, or anything like that, but that I have always known Christ and talked to Him and prayed to Him from very early on.   I grew up more in the “Episcopal” faith, confirmed at 13, was active in church and youth groups and even wandered from church to church as I was “finding myself” thru my late teenage years and early 20s.  I started singing a lot when I was 3, the family couldn’t shut me up.   Was given a guitar when I was 9 and took classical guitar lessons until I was 12 ½ at which time I broke away from that and started writing my own songs and like many teens growin up in the 70s got involved in my fair share of drinking alcohol and smoking pot and cigarettes, falling in love too young and normally with the “wrong kind of guy”.  I always had this “big heart” for people and often just got mixed up with the wrong people and hurt a lot.  Thank the good Lord above I didn’t get involved in too many hard drugs and pretty much just took the “alcohol” into my marriage, which ended 14 yrs ago, but left me with two absolutely wonderful daughters, now 22 and 19.  I had always been involved with my music in various avenues, solo and working with “others”, but gave up a band I was in back in 1989 to commit to motherhood.  When my “babies” were 5 and 2, the guitar started calling to me from underneath my bed and I proceeded to play in some weddings and started recording my own music and ended up getting involved in a band we ended up calling “Foxfire” with some guys from the studio, one of which is my drummer Peter Boglino, who is still with me to this day after 19 yrs.

Bottom line thru it all, is that God always had a plan for me.   Even though I have had my fair share of emotional, physical and alcoholic struggles and have made countless mistakes, He knew from the start the Evangelist Musician that he was going to make me for HIS glory.   He led me to Hatboro Community Methodist 14 yrs. ago, while I was still in “Foxfire”, but started turning my writing over to Him in the end of my marriage around that same time.   HCMC let me play my Christian songs and after “Foxfire” broke up, 2 ½ yrs. later I invited Peter to come back and be in a Christian Rock band with me.   To this day we are known as “Heaven Bound”, a song the Lord wrote thru me back in 2002.   I grew up in the early years of my life behind Southern Rock ‘n Roll and believe the Lord just blessed me with a powerful style and presence and voice to touch hearts and souls for His Kingdome thru song and spirit.  I’m not a “folk guitarist”, I’m definitely more of a “rocker”, with my southern-rock background.   And of course, this long beautiful road now led me to Bob Sofronski at “The Edge” and so many other awesome Christian brothers and sisters in church avenues all over the place.  For a long time, it was growing in my heart to want to take my “music ministry” into prison and rehab avenues.  So, here thru Bob and Kathy of Christian Life Center, I am able to take my musical gifts into the Bucks County Prison and hopefully Philly soon too and the Road to Recovery Meeting on Friday nights.  Having struggled for so many years with “alcohol” myself, I know that this is how GOD wants to use me now, to be able to “know Christ and make Him known” thru song (which is my strength, gift and power for Heaven above on earth), especially in avenues where it’s dark and people need to find His light and are struggling with addictions and emotional issues, where you can show them that “all is not lost, you can turn your whole life around and find new hope and strength in Christ Alone and be made “new”.  

There’s just an amazing new world waiting for you in HIM, when you can throw the “old self” away and put on a “new one” in Jesus Christ.   My songs are loaded with all of these kinds of messages.  My songs tell you the “story of my life”.   They are deep and they are real.   And God wouldn’t have it any other way.   Even my own mother to this day, even though I had many struggles with her my whole life, will tell me that she’s so proud of me, that I raised two wonderful girls, against all odds and so much adversity.    And after struggling my whole life, never quite being in the “right relationship”, God finally blessed me with the man I am about to marry at the end of this year.   A man who I feel “loves me in so many ways like Jesus does”.  He’s just so gentle and kind and just loves me “unconditionally”.  This is something I pray for for “all of us”.   And what is really an awesome GOD thing for our relationship moving forward is that Billy and I both for our different reasons, quantities, etc., still drank alcohol when we met but have given it up together this past February to do everything we can to live “parasite free” and sober for each other and the LORD.   I just praise and thank GOD for a life of knowing Jesus Christ thru the good and the bad times, doing everything we can to love him in and out of our sins, knowing we will never be perfect until we get our “Glorified Bodies”….for the gift of song he’s given me to spread HIS WORD, to as many souls as I possibly can until He calls us home to our eternal rewards in Heaven…to live forever, praising him in ALL HIS GLORY…It’s not about US, but a Savior who loves us so much, that He gave his life for us and it’s that kind of  “Love” that helps us conquer all pains, problems, addictions, etc.  Jesus Christ can “move your mountains”.   Just give Him a chance and you will be so glad you did.  Love in Christ, always and forever, Sister Liz —- “Lord, use me for YOUR Glory, make me an instrument of thy holy peace”  AMEN……

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