Lorena Lopez, Albuquerque NM

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Lorena Lopez, Albuquerque NM

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I was twenty years of using meth due to a traumatized childhood. I couldn’t fight my fears so meth did it for me. At 19, I went to federal prison and, at 35, I went to state prison. In prison, I did all I could do to make a change in my life. My answer was turning my life over to God. So God put a ministry in my path.

A Peaceful Habitation ministry was the answer that led me to achieve my GED. And now I’m in college, and have been given the chance to be employed by the state of New Mexico Children, Youth, and Families Department (CYFD). I am working towards my Bachelor’s in Social Work.

God has given me a second chance at life. I have also been blessed with my children and grandchildren who love me dearly. I am exactly where I want to be in my life. I love to praise and worship to, “I Can Only Imagine” – the first song I learned to sing and dance to in prison. The words that touch my heart are, “I can only imagine what it would be like when I walk by your side.” OUR LORD AND SAVIOR IS BY MY SIDE AND I AM NOW FREE!

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