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Ferguson, Missouri

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Dear Father,

Prayers are being lifted up in the St. Louis region and across the nation for the situation in Ferguson, MO.

We ask you tonight to comfort those who grieve and mourn the loss of a friend or loved one. The young man had so much future ahead of him, so many opportunities. We also ask your mercy and compassion to those who are living in fear and remorse tonight because of their involvement with the shooting. We ask your mercy and grace on them regardless of their innocence or guilt.

Lord, wisdom and justice is claimed by voices on both sides of the turmoil. However, you alone know the truth and you will satisfy your own requirements for justice. We pray that the innocent will be exonerated and the guilty will be afforded the grace of forgiveness just like we all need.

May those who are thoughtless, who respond out of pure emotion and hate, be quieted by the voices of those who have your wisdom and the maturity and mindfulness to process the situation with calm reason. May lessons be learned by many in this situation about the need for our society to have good laws, to have citizens devoted to respect those good laws, and for authorities to enforce those good laws with compassion, integrity, and humility.

We ask tonight for special wisdom for the pastors whose churches are located in the heart of the turmoil. May they be instruments of peace, reason, unification, comfort, and wisdom in the community. May this tragedy create new relationships between pastors and those who previously had no interest in church. May the pastors, even those of various faiths and denominations, restore peace to the community. We also ask for your protection of them as their voices may unintentionally incite detractors to bitterness.

Lord, save a youth and a police officer tonight somewhere in the US from a dangerous encounter by protecting them from emotion-driven escalation.


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