Thoughts on Sharing Your Story

Why share your story on Gramazin?


Share your story because your experience with adversity was unique – just like the experience of everyone else who faces adversity.


Share your story because you can show how the character choices you made led to your recovery. Everyone struggling with adversity can make the same character choices you made.


Share your story because you can show how adversity made you a stronger person.


Share your story because you can give others comfort that they too can overcome the adversities they face.


Share your story of good character because society will strengthen when more and more people believe they can make the right choices in life, just like you did.


Share your story because the only difference between your recovery and the recovery that hasn’t happened yet for someone else may be they don’t know what steps to take. Tell them!


Share your story because it is evidence that volunteers made a difference in your life. It is also a wonderful opportunity to express thanks for the charities and ministries who helped you recover.


Share your story because you are not ashamed of what you believe in, right?  If God did wonderful things for you, why don’t you honor Him and tell us?

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