Towai, Denver CO

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Towai, Denver CO

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In January 2011, Towai had been living on the streets of Aurora for almost a year. Each day he woke up with one goal: to find alcohol and get drunk. But one morning, a different thought crossed his mind. “I couldn’t feel my feet,” he says: “I was walking, I was wiggling my toes. But I couldn’t feel anything.” He took off his shoes and found his toes were frozen and his skin was frostbitten.

He went to the hospital with no identification, no insurance and no money. They took care of him and told him how fortunate he was that he came when he did. The nurse couldn’t release him back onto the snowy streets in his condition, so she sent him to Respite Care at Denver Rescue Mission’s Lawrence Street Shelter. He stayed for a month, nursing his injuries and learning about the Mission.

While at the shelter, Towai discovered the New Life Program and realized that he could get an education and a job. He hadn’t had a drink in weeks, a new record for him. He heard the other men in the program talk about their faith and found encouragement there. “I realized that this was what I was missing. I had no relationship with God. I entered the program and decided to say, ‘Lord, I’m going to work for you now. Whatever I do on this earth, I’m doing it because you said that this is the way to be,’” he says.

Now, he is sober, working, paying rent, and seeking God's guidance. “You know that verse in Proverbs? The one about binding His Word around your heart? He is with you when you’re asleep and awake? Well, my past life led me to a life with Him, praying to Him when I wake up and when I go bed,” he says. Towai graduated from the New Life Program in December 2012 and that’s exactly what he has—a new life.

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