Why Read Stories


  1. You are longing for someone to put into words how you feel.  You have been dealing with a particular adversity in your life for a long time.  It doesn’t seem to or it can’t go away and it makes life very hard.  Is there anyone out there who really understands what you are going through?  Your friends and family try to understand but they don’t get it.  You would love to read a story of someone who has expressed having the same thoughts and feelings you do.  Perhaps they can put into words what you can’t.  You could direct your loved ones to the story and say “that’s how I feel!”
  2. You are longing for solutions.  You are experiencing a particular adversity in life and you really don’t know what to do to escape from it.  Your friends and family, despite their good intentions, aren’t much help. How-to books and websites are nice but you don’t want to be taught or preached to.  You want to hear from someone who “gets it”, who has personally experienced what you are going through.  For you, they have authority and relevance.  You would love to read a story of someone who has experienced your adversity and learn about what steps they took to recover.  You would like to read about their experience.  It may lift your spirits.  It may give you hope, enough hope for you to make the decisions you need to make to begin the journey of recovery.
  3. You are nervous about asking a charity for help.  You’ve gone to the charity’s website.  The people who work there seem to be kind and compassionate, as much as you can tell from their words and photos.  However, you wonder if it is real. Is it genuine?  Can they really be trusted?  How risky will it be for you if you reach out and share your struggle with them?  What you really need are real stories of how the charity has changed lives.  It would be great if you could read a handful of stories of how people just like you approached the charity, were embraced by the charity, and experienced renewal and recovery because of what the charity did for them.
  4. You have a friend or family member who is going through adversity.  It’s not you who needs to be inspired by stories of hope.  It is someone else.  A spouse or romantic partner.  A brother.  A sister.  A father.  A mother.  A son.  A daughter.  A grandparent.  An uncle or aunt.  A cousin.  A friend.  A business associate.  An employee. A neighbor. A church member. You don’t know what to say to them.  You don’t know how to encourage them.  Quite honestly, their situation seems hopeless to you too.  You would love to read inspiring stories of hope of people who have experienced what this person is experiencing.  You could direct the person to the story and say “see, there is hope for you!”  You could examine the local charities and see if they are effectively making a difference in people’s lives before you recommend them to your friend or family member.  At the very least, you could get a better understanding of how this person feels and thinks and you could get a few ideas for how to help them.
  5. You are simply a compassionate person who cares about people in need.  You yourself aren’t going through adversity.  Maybe you are but you’ve got the help you need.  You don’t know anyone who is experiencing adversity who isn’t already being helped in some manner.  However, you are the kind of person who loves to help people in need – even strangers.  You are the type of person who volunteers.  You are the type of person who works at a charity or in a profession that helps people in crisis, such as a doctor or nurse in an emergency room.  You are just a caring person.  It would be nice to have a website where you could read story after story of how people are being refreshed and renewed across the country.  It would lift your spirits and energize you to keep striving to make a difference in people’s lives.
  6. You believe America needs a story of hope and renewal.  There are so many discouraging things in our society today.  Stories of tragedy.  Stories of crime.  People hurting everywhere.  Institutions seem to be failing.  So much brokenness and dysfunction in families.  From such an environment comes a father and son team who wants to touch lives across the country.  They have no prestige.  No influence.  No resources.  In other words, they are like most Americans.  They simply have a desire to encourage the discouraged and to celebrate the work of charities.  You want this story to succeed.  If it does, it speaks of hope for the future of our nation.  It might inspire other father-son, father-daughter, mother-son, or mother-daughter efforts around the country.  Maybe it can inspire you to do something with your child to make a difference.

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