Prayers for the World

September 13, 2018

Thursday September 13, 2018

Nine Storms Dear Father, the news is buzzing with the approach of Hurricane Florence as it heads towards North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia. The storm […]
September 10, 2018

Monday September 10, 2018

Botham Jean Dear Father, white Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger, 30, shot and killed African American Botham Jean, 26, last Thursday evening in his apartment. According […]
September 7, 2018

Friday September 7, 2018

2018 NFL Season Dear Father, the 2018 NFL Season began last night with the reigning Super Bowl Champions, the Philadelphia Eagles, defeating the Atlanta Falcons 18-10. […]
September 4, 2018

Tuesday September 4, 2018

In-N-Out Burgers Dear Father, In-N-Out Burgers is a popular restaurant chain in California, Arizona, Utah, Texas, and Oregon. It has a reputation for delicious food, customer […]
August 31, 2018

Friday August 31, 2018

New Mexico Accident Dear Father, seven people were killed and dozens were injured in a tragic accident on Interstate 40 near Thoreau, New Mexico. A tractor-trailer […]
August 29, 2018

Wednesday August 29, 2018

Lanny Davis Dear Father, Lanny Davis, 72, is the former special counsel to President Bill Clinton. He is also a consultant, lobbyist, author, television commentator, and […]
August 27, 2018

Monday August 27, 2018

Jacksonville Shooting Dear Father, two people were killed and eleven were injured at an eSports Madden NFL 19 qualifying tournament in Jacksonville, FL. David Katz, 24, […]
August 22, 2018

Wednesday August 22, 2018

Katie Wenszell Dear Father, Katie Wenszell, 28, and her mother, Susan Wenszell, 58, traveled from their home in the Milwaukee, WI area to vacation in Atlanta, […]
August 20, 2018

Monday August 20, 2018

Bill Maher Dear Father, Bill Maher, 62, is a comedian, political commentator, and the television host of Real Time with Bill Maher. He is known for […]