8 things that happen when believers don't share their testimonies

  1. They can remain in a perpetual state of fear of sharing their faith
  2. They can avoid spiritual growth by avoiding the celebration of God's goodness in their lives
  3. They can continue to believe outreach to those who are lost isn't important
  4. They aren't available to the believer who is going through what they went through before
  5. They don't make that new friend who could bond with them because of shared life experiences
  6. They allow the hurting in the church to struggle with inferiority because their lives seems perfect
  7. People in need don't trust them because they don't see their transparency and vulnerability
  8. They hide the evidence from their local community that Jesus Christ really can make a difference

How are we going to change this?


Take Every Thought to Prayer

Our two-volume book, Take Every Thought to Prayer, helps believers understand why they may be hesitating to share their testimony

Introducing Gramazin.NET

For the thousands of believers in Jesus Christ who would love a more convenient solution to share their faith with their neighbors.

Testimony City Pages

Believers in Jesus Christ from different churches in a community share their testimonies on the same page.

Prayers for the World

International relations. Domestic politics. Natural disasters. Business. Nonprofits. Celebrities. Citizens.

The Testimony Movement

December 6-12, 2020. A nationwide celebration by the church of the testimonies believers have shared on their church websites. We tell the world church websites are now different, filled with stories of hope.

Charles Wagner and You

"Pastor, there's some guy named Charles Wagner on the phone. Says he wants to talk with you about an idea to promote the sharing of testimonies from the church in the community. Do you have a minute?"
Introducing Take Every Thought to Prayer

How has Jesus Christ changed people's lives?

A nationwide celebration of testimonies published on church websites.

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