Testimonies 2020

Our Vision

In the 2020s, it will be common for churches to feature testimonies and volunteer stories prominently on the front page of their websites.

Search Engine Indexing

Those testimonies and volunteer stories will be indexed by search engines. When someone in crisis searches on-line for help, the testimonies will lead them to your church's website.

Public Awareness

Churches across the nation celebrate testimonies December 6-12, 2020. We have national, regional, and local events. Believers contribute all kinds of creative content, making it clear to the public that church websites across America are now the home of inspiring stories of hope. Individuals who are in crisis hear the news from the media. They visit your church website to check out the stories.

Stories of Hope Discovered

There they will find more stories of the love of Jesus Christ.

"Not only is He real, He also heals people from all kinds of difficult situations. The people who go to this church are transparent and genuine. They have known brokenness and they have recovered. They are like me. They are approachable. I want to know how Jesus Christ can help me like He has helped others in this church."

State of Testimonies and Church Websites

I reviewed thousands of church websites in 2015-2016. I concentrated my focus in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. However, I also reviewed hundreds of church websites throughout the country.

While I understand the church culture in the "Bible belt" may be more testimony-friendly, and that a concentrated study of that region may improve the national statistics, the absence of testimonies in a region of the US many experts believe to be most disinterested in Christianity is alarming.

If any two regions needed testimonies published on church websites, it is the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. I fear that the church website culture in these regions is not significantly different than the church website cultures in other regions. Afterall, churches across the country buy the same church website templates. These template providers do not emphasize testimony publishing in their designs because their market isn't making it a priority.

Our Four Goals

  • Foster a mindset in believers to be willing to share their testimonies and to volunteer in their local community.
  • Help believers compose their testimonies and volunteer stories.
  • Encourage churches to publish, on the front page of their websites, the stories of the work of Jesus Christ in people's lives in the congregation.
  • Create a community of believers who are passionate about testimony sharing. They would like to plan a nationwide celebration of testimonies in December 2020.