Why promote Gramazin on social media?

It's quite simple. The more followers and subscribers we have:

  • The more people will become aware of Gramazin and what we want to accomplish.
  • The more likely a family member, friend, or follower on social media will hear the gospel.
  • The more believers will be blessed by preparing and sharing their testimonies.
  • The more those who are not believers will hear or read the testimonies shared by believers.
  • The more churches will publish their testimonies on their websites.
  • The more people will have a reason to go to church websites.
  • The more the Kingdom of God will grow in the hearts of our nation.
  • The more publications we will sell to fund our ministry.
  • The more donations we will receive to fund our ministry.
  • The more believers in need of work we can hire.
  • The more interns we can hire.
  • The more voice actors we can hire.
  • The more rewarded our volunteers, interns, and staff members will be that their work was worthwhile.

Follow-us now and help us achieve 3,500 by August 1, 2024!

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