Our Board of Directors

Focusing Gramazin on Glorifying Jesus Christ

Dear Father, thank You for the provision of such godly men and women to serve on the Board of Directors of Gramazin. This board is tasked to make sure Gramazin never strays from the gospel of Jesus Christ, the building of the Kingdom of God, and submission to the authority of the Word of God. They serve to make sure Gramazin accomplishes the objectives that our clients, followers, subscribers, donors, volunteers, and employees expect. Father, please grace this board with Your wisdom and understanding. Honor and glorify Yourself by how the Board of Directors of Gramazin does what it does. In Jesus name, Amen.

There is another male member of our board of directors who cannot be identified due to contractural obligations with his employer. Mike Mtika, the founder of Pamoza, is serving as a non-voting director in an advising capacity. In addition, Holly Young, our current Marketing Director, is scheduled to join this board in September 2024.

Our Staff

Serving Jesus With Excellence

Dear Father, Gramazin began to advance as both a movement and an organization when we hired our first staff members. Our staff are committed to excellence because of their deep love for Jesus Christ. Gramazin has benefited from their creative ideas, design talent, and outstanding people skills. Father, please bless each member of our staff. Provide for them, protect them, and guide and direct them. Make their paths straight as they serve Jesus by serving Gramazin. Give them a wonderful sense of satisfaction and fulfillment as all they have to offer is deeply appreciated and employed at Gramazin. In Jesus name, Amen.

Our Prayer Team

Upholding Gramazin With Prayer

Dear Father, we can do nothing without prayer. We can't change one life, let alone hundreds of churches and thousands of believers across America, without prayer. We cannot spawn a movement of testimony sharing in Bible-believing churches without prayer. We need to get on our knees and ask You to glorify Yourself through what we do. We need You for everything - our resources, our protection, and our decision making. Father, please bless the Gramazin Prayer Team. Unite us through Jesus Christ. May our prayers empower all that we do. Bless each one who commits to pray for Gramazin. Reward them with an incredible sense of fulfillment because they pray for this ministry. Answer their godly prayers in such a way that they see the power of prayer. In Jesus name, Amen.

Our Voice Actors

Believers With Creativity Serving Jesus

Dear Father, we are so grateful for the men and women who have contributed their voice acting to our Gramazin 5 Minute Stories podcast on YouTube. They are people of vision who have seen the potential for our podcast. They imagine the day when dozens of voice actors and writers across the country have contributed to hundreds of entertaining videos that simulate 1930s radio shows. Each episode contains one tip about local outreach ministry. Father, bless these men and women. Give them many reasons to thank You for Your goodness to them. In Jesus name, Amen.

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