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A prayer-focused study of the New Testament.

The Take Every Passage to Prayer series is a combined devotional, commentary, and prayer guide for the study of the New Testament written for friends and family of the author who are intimidated by study of the Bible. This easy-to-read work enables the reader to follow the life of Jesus in chronological order of events (Volume 2) and the beginning of the church after the ascension of Jesus Christ (Volume 3). Each passage is written as a letter to God and begins with a prayer of application. The ample use of emphasized text, bulleted lists, and tables makes this book a valuable resource for those who are short on time but looking for valuable Biblical insights into how to live the Christian life. With extensive historical information and over 1,900 footnotes in both books combined and hundreds of references to passages throughout the Old and New Testaments, the more scholarly reader will find the book an informative read.

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Reviews of Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 2 - The Gospels

"Wow, Charles, this is incredible. I have read the beginning 36 pages and also jumped around after that to see how you handled the chronological order of the Gospels. I can’t believe you started this in 2020 and completed it in 2022. Amazing. There is so much here. I would have to have this book beside me as a resource. I don’t think I could read the entire book straight through. Your life story; the thought process behind the Volumes; the footnotes, keywords, the way you can jump from the table of contents right to the scripture-awesome; theories about content sources of the Gospels; Was Jesus Real? historical evidence and growth of Christianity; Geopolicts-great history lesson; Geography-makes me want to see it in person; I never heard of Levant-daily life is so interesting; and then each prayer before each Chapter of the scriptures-amazing prayers; and your creative way of making dialog and questions come to light and your explanations-actually fun to read and so creative." Female

"Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels is both uplifting and very encouraging but also very sound theologically as well as insightful. I often find myself saying 'I did not know that about this part of Matthew's gospel' or 'I never thought about this passage in that way.' I look forward to picking up this book several times a week and being fed God's word!" Male

"A beautifully prayer-led look at the Gospel stories and the conversations that may have taken place in between those stories. A commentary that brings you into the lives of those who walked with Jesus. I’m using this for my devotional time and really enjoying it." Female.

"Do you struggle with understanding the Bible, trying to put it all together, knowing how to pray or what to pray for or about? I do. This book has been an immense help to me. The author pulls things from the scriptures that I need to think more about. Things I easily miss, he makes so much easier to comprehend God's love and intentions for us. I highly recommend this creative and helpful commentary on the gospels in prayer form." Female.

"Take Every Passage to Prayer V2 has given me even more in-depth spiritual insights and historical knowledge about the Scriptures. During this Christmas season, I used it as a daily devotional to learn more and focus on the promise fulfilled in Christ birth and meaning of salvation for all. This book will draw you to deeper prayer and closer to Christ." Female.

"I had the pleasure of reading the book Take Every Passage to Prayer by Charles Wagner. Not only did the words on the pages profoundly impact and bless my life but they did so for my Mother too. We read this empowering, excellently articulated and biblical piece of literature together and embraced the content fully. It is evident that Charles took great care to ensure biblical accuracy while simultaneously providing practical applications for spiritual growth. This book ignited my commitment to prayer and my passion to share my faith with others. Not only did my Mother and I grow closer together through this literary journey, we also drew nearer to God. Thankful to have experienced such an extraordinary and eloquent piece of Godly communication that I will carry in heart, mind and life." Female.

"It is a remarkable book, densely packed with insight into the Gospels. Mr. Wagner has given us a look at Gospels based on his considerable experience. He pulls no punches. Mr Wagner examines the Gospels in great detail while challenging us to do likewise. The book is filled with insightful discussion. There is hardly a page which does not challenge the reader to examine their own understanding of the Gospel." Male.

Reviews of Take Every Passage to Prayer, Volume 3 - Acts Through Revelation

"First off, let me say that with every book Charles Wagner has written he humbles himself and shares his struggles openly and honestly. Making the reader feel comfortable knowing that he too is human with a past, and quite frankly a present. We are all broken in some way or another. It is then after reading about his life that the reader can then open their hearts to hear what he has to say, to hear what and who gave him strength and who rescued him so easily. Take Every Passage to Prayer Vol. 3 is an amazing way to understand the Bible better and to improve your prayer life. I love how, in detail, Charles shares scripture and also a sample prayer to help guide us. Thank you Charles for this wonderful study book!" Female

"As a man who was raised Catholic and spent twelve years in Catholic schools, this book not only refreshes my memory of all that I learned during those years but adds new perspectives and thoughts that make it a great read for a person of any level of faith. What I like most are the simple, easy to read bold words that keep you focused on the message and points of emphasis for each verse. Each page is concise, yet thorough, and I would highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in learning more about your faith." Male

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