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Doylestown United Methodist Church of Doylestown PA

Dear Father, There are so many lives that have been broken by divorce. I understand that pain deeply. I ask You to have compassion this day on those who have been through divorce in the Doylestown PA area. I pray that through their pain they will discover how much You love them. I pray Your

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Calvary Baptist Church of Morristown NJ

Dear Father, I discovered today that Calvary Baptist Church of Morristown NJ has a prison ministry. Yes! Your heart is merciful and compassionate to those who are prison. Father, we are all in prison – the prison of our unbelief, our fears, and our insecurities. Free us so that we can minister to those inside

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Physical Pain – The Ultimate Distraction from Emotional Healing

Revised September 16, 2015 It’s 3:29 am as I lie in a bed in an emergency room, unable to sleep, waiting for a hospital room to be made available. After crawling out of my house to a gurney, with the help of an EMS crew, I am finally enjoying some comfort after excruciating back pain.

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A Prayer for Roanoke VA

Dear Father, Ugh! Another senseless shooting. Bitterness that leads to violence that leads to the loss of innocent life. I cannot imagine the pain in Roanoke VA today. I cannot put into words the intense grief felt by loved ones, friends, co-workers, and neighbors. I ask for Your compassion to be abundant. I pray for

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Poughkeepsie United Methodist Church

Dear Father, I ask for blessings upon Poughkeepsie United Methodist Church.  I thank You for leading them to offer bereavement and caregivers support ministries.  I know those ministries are close to Your heart as You spoke so frequently in scripture of the needs of the widow and the sick.  I pray the church’s ministries will

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Dear Father, I confess.  I don’t know anything about this website, FreeMyAddict, as I write this.  However, what I can tell, from browsing through it, Wendell has compassion for those struggling with addiction.  Therefore, he is a friend of Gramazin.  I ask that You bless his efforts and that he will experience more lives changed through the

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