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Blessing in Brokenness

This article, originally published on Jesus Life Living Connected, was reprinted by the permission of Larry Smith, a pastor at Epiphany Fellowship Church of Philadelphia, PA. I must admit that in some ways this title really seems stupid to me. I don’t like brokenness. When my car is broken it is an inconvenience, when my

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Break Every Chain

This article was reprinted by the permission of David Goneau, pastor of CrossPointe Presbyterian Church of Media, PA. “Power in the name of Jesus to break every chain”. We regularly sing this song at our recovery gatherings and it’s easy to connect the words of this song to the common understanding of addictions. “Yes! Jesus

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CBC Norristown, PA

Dear Father, What an absolute pleasure to speak with Karen from Calvary Baptist Church today.  What a cheerful woman! As I listened to her speak about prayer requests at the church, I was saying to myself “Yes!”  The church was praying for their outreach to the needy in the community.  Lord, I ask for abundant blessings on

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Brandywine Bible Church, Parkesburg PA

Dear Father, I thank You for the work of Brandywine Bible Church.  I ask You today to create amazing stories in that church, stories of how You change lives.  I’m sure You have already authored such stories and I ask You to encourage members to share their stories on the church’s website. In an enjoyable

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My Funeral is Back On

Stan Gale is a minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, and is the author of the newly released book, A Vine-Ripened Life: Spiritual Fruitfulness through Abiding in Christ. This article appeared on his blog and is used with permission. I’ve heard pastors say that if people really knew what was in their hearts, they

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Charles is an individual with many talents and a great capacity for innovation.

Temwa Wright, Pamoza International

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I’m thanking God for men like Charles Wagner. He has been the most helpful new asset and very inspiring individual to us. We are looking forward to building a long standing relationship with an honorable man of God, Charles Wagner.

Bob Sofronski, Christian Life Prison and Recovery Ministry

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I can vouch for his character and ethics.

David Apple, Active Compassion Philly

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There are three words I would use to describe Charles: receptive, responsive and responsible. He is a man of his word.

Pastor Stan Gale, Reformed Presbyterian Church of West Chester

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Charles has a heart for the poor and needy. It is a great joy for me to recommend Mr. Wagner and his endeavor.

Victor Joseph, Agape Research Foundation

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