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Everything is meaningless to this “victim of a crime”

“Meaningless! Meaningless!” says the Teacher. “Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless.” Ecclesiastes 1:2 It was a cold winter Friday night in early 1982 on Cape Ann, about 20 miles north of Boston, MA. I was a junior in college and I was itching to leave the restaurant, which I believe was named The Pewter Pot. It

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The Perfect Lover Had No “List”

Did you ever wake up to unexpected thoughts that seem to be dominating your mind? It’s like when you are sleeping people sneak in and setup for a party around your bed. They hang up streamers, balloons, setup the refreshment table, and stack wrapped presents ready for you to open. Instead of the alarm clock

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No crisis is wasted with God

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20 Today’s post is very personal. I’m trying to make sense of my life. How do all the pieces fit together? Why all the loss? Why all the pain? For reasons

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Can we see the ripping of the phone book trick again?

Granted, some of our high-tech young readers may not be sure what a phone book is anymore.  It’s a book with the phone numbers of businesses and homes in a community. Bob and Jane have a 20 year old son who is incredibly strong.  With the Flintstones coming to mind, I’m thinking of calling him “Bam

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Pain is often simply our misconceptions

This was crazy! It’s February 9th.  The wind makes it feel like it’s 50 below zero, making my sweat pants feel useless, like I’m not wearing them at all.  I had to do everything to hold on to my baseball cap.  Nearby buoys danced side to side in the wind, begging to be towed to shore where

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Charles is an individual with many talents and a great capacity for innovation.

Temwa Wright, Pamoza International

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I’m thanking God for men like Charles Wagner. He has been the most helpful new asset and very inspiring individual to us. We are looking forward to building a long standing relationship with an honorable man of God, Charles Wagner.

Bob Sofronski, Christian Life Prison and Recovery Ministry

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I can vouch for his character and ethics.

David Apple, Active Compassion Philly

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There are three words I would use to describe Charles: receptive, responsive and responsible. He is a man of his word.

Pastor Stan Gale, Reformed Presbyterian Church of West Chester

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Charles has a heart for the poor and needy. It is a great joy for me to recommend Mr. Wagner and his endeavor.

Victor Joseph, Agape Research Foundation

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