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Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
13 Jul

Jesusí Disciples Make Excuses About Ministry Service

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Saturday July 13, 2024

Matthew 8:18-22, Luke 9:57-62

Father, please help me to commit my life full-time to the building of the Kingdom of God. I don’t want to offer any feeble excuses to You. I want to give up my life for You because You gave up Your life for me. I want to get up in the morning desiring to serve You every hour of the day. I want to return to bed at night reflecting on a busy day of ministry where You used me to bless others. Father, please make me this kind of man. Amen.

Father, as Jesus taught by the Sea of Galilee the crowds continued to swell. Jesus wanted to find some space away from the crowd. He instructed His disciples that they will take a boat across to the other side of the lake.

A teacher of the law, who apparently considered himself a disciple, approached Jesus and said:

I will follow You wherever You go (NIV)<......READ MORE.

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
12 Jul

Jesus Shares the Parable of the Weeds

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Friday July 12, 2024

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Father, how can I spend my days and nights watching TV? Surfing the Internet? Playing games? You are withholding judgement of this world because believers like myself are supposed to be working to bring the gospel to the lost. The wrath of God is on hold because I’m supposed to be sharing the gospel with others, through my words and through my actions. Father, help me to do the work of evangelism and to no longer sit on my backend being entertained by the meaningless pleasures of the world. Amen.

Father, someone, most likely a disciple, must have asked a valid follow-up question:

“Well, if there are people who will never be saved, why are they still here? Wouldn’t it be better for society if godless people were just removed?”

Jesus answered with a parable.

A farmer was having a feud with someone (his enemy). He planted a field with wheat seed. In the middle of the night, ......READ MORE.

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
11 Jul

The Parables About Sharing the Gospel

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Thursday July 11, 2024

Matthew 13:31-35, 44-52, Mark 4:21-34, Luke 13:18-21

Father, You have given me a job to do. I am to share the gospel with others. It is not a suggestion or a recommendation. It is a command. As a believer in Jesus Christ, I do not have the option to decline the task of sharing the gospel. In Your providence, You have chosen to use believers to bring salvation to others. You don’t bring people to faith without the contribution of believers. It is no small thing for a believer to decline to share the gospel with others. Father, please defeat within me any rebellious hesitation or resistance to the work of sharing the gospel. I want to share the gospel without fear of man, with effectiveness, with sincerity, with genuine love, and with a heart of thankfulness for those who You used to bring salvation to me. Amen.

Father, Jesus had just talked with His disciples about the judgment that is coming for all who do not place their faith in Him alo......READ MORE.

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
10 Jul

Jesus Shares the Parable of the Farmerís Seeds

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Wednesday July 10, 2024

Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 8:4-18

Father, I want the gospel to transform my life. I want the gospel to not only save my soul from eternal damnation, but I also want the gospel to equip me for usefulness for the building of Your Kingdom. I want the gospel to become deeply rooted in my life, so rooted that my sinful nature and the efforts of Satan cannot tear me away from the ground of faith. Father, I want to become a giant tree of faith, a tree that gives shade to many who are suffering in life. Please tend to the seed that is my faith and make sure it becomes deeply rooted. Amen.

Father, the text tells us that Jesus left the “house” and went to the lake (Sea of Galilee). Large crowds of people continued to follow Him wherever He went. The crowds were so large that Jesus had to, once more, escape from them by getting into a boat and teaching them truths through the use of many parables as they gathered on the beach.READ MORE.

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
09 Jul

Jesus Charged With Having Unclean Hands

Take Every Passage to Prayer - Volume 2, The Gospels
Tuesday July 09, 2024

Luke 11:37-54

Father, I want to be transformed from the inside to the outside. Please change my heart so that I desire to serve and obey You. Please change my heart so that I reflect Your good character. Please help me to totally surrender my life to You, not holding anything back for myself. Please help me to not put any obstacles in the way of the gospel. Amen.

Father, Your Word tells us that Jesus received an invitation from a Pharisee to enjoy a meal at the Pharisee’s home, which was somewhere in the region of Galilee to enjoy a meal. However, the Pharisee who invited Jesus to the meal commented that Jesus didn’t wash up before eating. It is clear from Jesus’ reaction that He was becoming weary of the Pharisees and their incessant legalism that burdened people. Jesus responded with passion (the text below is paraphrased):

  1. You Pharisees clean the outside o......READ MORE.

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