The Gramazin Community

The Gramazin Task Force

Our vision is simple - when our neighbors in our local communities are overwhelmed by life, they know they can visit local church websites for testimonies of hope of how Jesus Christ rescues people just like them. The goal of our task force is to encourage churches to publish testimonies on their websites.

The Gramazin Task Force


A team of believers from churches in a region who voluntarily work together to encourage a coalition of churches to publish testimonies of hope on their websites. The team assists the churches during the process. The team also coaches and encourages believers from the churches who are preparing their testimonies. When a suitable number of testimonies have been published by participating churches, the task force orchestrates a public service announcement to the general public that stories of hope are now available on our partnering church websites.

Our Vision for the Gramazin Testimony Taskforce

Our Passion for the Gramazin Testimony Taskforce

Charles Wagner, the founder of Gramazin, shares his vision for the Testimony Task Force in a church on the North Shore of Boston on January 22, 2023. The church has granted Charles permission to use this clip from the service.

We've Built a Software Solution for Gramazin Testimony Task Forces

Each Gramazin Testimony Task Force has a private space to manage who will do what to encourage churches in their region to share testimonies on their website.

Each Gramzin Testimony Task Force member has a profile where they can share their passion for testimony sharing with their teammates and with believers who are preparing their testimonies on Gramazin.

Each Gramazin Testimony Task Force team has their own space to manage their meetings, the churches they are partnering with, and encourage the believers who they are working with to build their testimonies.

Gramazin Testimony Task Force members can chat and reply about their meetings and the churches they are partnering with.

Believers who want to share their testimony but don't know how can login to Gramazin and use our Testimony Builder. Each Task Force Member can act as a "helper" so that the believers preparing their testimonies have a team helping them.

Join A Task Force or Create Your Own

Do you find this vision intriguing? Join Us today to discuss joining a task force, starting a task force in your region, or to seek assistance preparing your testimony.